Why We Get Fat Information

why we get fat - a picture of a fat person's bellyWhy we get fat information is very helpful to understand the weight gain equation.  The equation is simple at first sight:

Calories in Greater Than Calories out = Weight  Gain.

If only it was that simple!  Well it is not.  There are so many other factors that cause weight gain, specifically fat accumulation.  That is what this site is focused on, why we get fat information.  It is focused primarily on unwanted fat and is aimed at helping people to lose the fat and to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Why We Get Fat : All Calories Are Not Equallow fat diet in understanding why we get fat

Part of the equation imbalance is about calories.  Not all calories are equal, nor equally described.  The calories in a banana for example depends on the state of ripeness and the size.  The calorie count is important, but the calorie quality is also important since while there are good calories, bad calories also exist.  The calories in a chocolate bar might equal the calories in a plate of vegetables, however, the milk chocolate bar is more likely to put the fat on.  The vegetables are higher in fiber and so will actually help to transport some of the fat out of your system.  S you really need to understand why we get fat and what to do about it. Some of the important factors are covered in layman terms on this site.

Why We Get Fat – Essential Topics

why we get fat showing high fiber foodsWe draw from many sources, each author deeply interested in their own topic.  Some of the essential topics explored on this site includes topics such as

  • Lactose Free Living – which is about living without dairy and other foods containing lactase. Understanding the effect of lactose on your body can help you to understand why we get fat and what to do about it.
  • Lower Cholesterol – lower cholesterol is the aim of many people so that they may have a more healthy heart.  A more healthy heart means those people can exercise their bodies more which then leads to lower fat.
  • Master Cleanse – is the classic colon cleanser.  If you can detoxify your colon with this diet, then you will have given your body an excellent start to begin again.
  • Pregnancy Diet – is about good, healthy eating for both the unborn baby and the mother.
  • Probiotics – helps with understanding why we get fat due to digestive problems and also helps to understand what to do about it.
  • Smoothie Recipe – good to have a healthy smoothie and this site gives some really great smoothies aswell as how to make smoothies for beginners.

There is more to come.  This is just the beginning.  Stay awhile and explore the site using the menus and posts.  You can also learn more about the company at healthwebpro.com.  More about how our food is making us fat, and what Arnold Schwschwarzenegger has to say about why we get fat and lastly, what wikipedia has on a low fat diet in pursuit of a leaner you.