Master Cleanse Information for Digestive System Cleaning

master cleanse ingredientsMaster cleanse information is used for cleaning our digestive system out. Our digestive systems are often over burdened by our lifestyle and food choices and we need to give it a break and some help if we want to have a higher quality of life. Good health takes effort as in our modern day the environment pollution, the way our food is grown and our general lifestyle has led to less than desirable degeneration in our health. That is what this master cleanse information is for, to help to you regain good health by first cleaning out your insides, otherwise known as detoxifying your insides or removing the poisons from the pollution and the poor lifestyle choices.

Thorough Detox

One of the quickest and most simple approaches to give momentum to your new resolve for a healthier lifestyle is to start with a thorough detoxification of your body. It is simple but not easy, you are being warned right up front. So you should read the rest of this article continually figuring out ideas of how to make this work for you. Again, it is simple but not easy to detoxify your body.

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Master Cleanse Information Source

Detoxifying your body with the master cleanse is proven to work since it is has been around for more than 60 years.  it was created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s .  While not based on scientific evidence, the diet has been shown to work in the short term. It is up to you to retain the benefits after from the cleanse by making better food choices thereafter.


Many people have reported good results.  It does not mean that those results are typical and that you will be able to achieve the same results.


Master Cleanse Information : Fundamentals

The cleanse is based a highly restricted diet that ideally lasts for 10 days. It is not strictly speaking a fast since a fast consists of taking in water alone. The cleanse diet, while a pure liquid diet water is critical for the master cleansestill takes in a lot of calories to keep your energy levels up since it is composed of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. There are alot of calories in the maple syrup, as much as 220 calories per quarter cup. You are going to be drinking up to 1,300 calories per day. So it is not necessarily a calorie reduced diet.


The whole point of the diet is to give your digestion system a break for digesting the bad food you may be putting into your body and that is why there is no solid food.   The second fundamental point is to help your digestive system clean out the toxins from these foods and also any waste that has not yet been pushed out of your body.  The accumulated bodily waste and the toxins leave your body through natural excretion and urination. There is nothing extra done for this except to choose to do the daily flushing. You need to read the rest of the information on this site to decide if you want to go this route. The daily flushing is done through taking herbal laxatives or through the saltwater flush. Be careful, read other information on this site before you leap into making this decision.


 Master cleanse information: Effects

Since this is a liquid only diet that is highly restrictive in what you put into your body there are some bad side effects but there are also some good side effects. The whole purpose is to clean and start again. So it may well be worth your while to endure the negative to gain the positive effects.


Bad side effects while actually on the diet include headaches as the detoxification begins to work; Dizziness as the lack of nutrients kicks in; stomach cramps as the elimination of long retained headache as a bad side effect of the master cleansewastes starts to work; and finally you are going to lack energy as the lack of nutrients takes it toll.

 Wight Loss

The good things though are that you can lose weight really fast as you are not putting in any solid food into your body. Your body can devote itself to fixing and cleaning now that it does not have to spend so much time digesting. After the diet some people have reported that allergies they had had for years were cured; joint inflammation issues such as rheumatic joints, had been eased; much easier to make more healthy food choices having completed the 10 day cleanse and an overall sense of well being and of health.


As a starting point to regain your health, the basic benefits of the Master Cleanse can really jump start your journey. It is safe as long as you have the right master cleanse information and you follow the guidance. It is also a repeatable as needed approach, but is not a substitute for good food choices once you come off the Master Cleanse.

 Master Cleanse Information : Preparation

The Master Cleanse is gruelling there is no doubt about it. You much prepare your body and your mind properly to make it through the process. You need to phase out solid foods to get used to liquid foods and then absolutely commit to seeing this through. You only need about 3 days to prepare, but prepare you must!

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