Master Cleanse for Weight Loss

strong and skinny after a master cleanse for rapid weight lossThe Master Cleanse for weight loss is a successful approach to rapidly losing weight in a short time. It has endured through more than half a century of people trying it out and succeeding.  The approach consists of an all liquid, limited calorie diet for ten days. The liquid is lemonade made with water, lemons, maple syrup and a bit of powdered cayenne pepper. It works. If you are overweight and if you follow the rules or guidelines, and if you stick to the diet for 10 days you will undoubtedly lose some weight. It is an extreme approach, but sometimes it takes an extreme approach to regain good health! The benefits of the Master Cleanse for weight loss are twofold: fast weight loss as intended and detoxification as an added benefit. The Master Cleanse is therefore one of the best short term solutions to losing weight fast and to detoxifying your system in preparation for continued weight loss.

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Master Cleanse for Weight Loss : How It Works

The Master Cleanse diet is based on a specific set of steps and restrictions. It works for rapid weight loss on three levels.


First Level

The first level is the detoxification level. Because the Master Cleanse is pure liquid it is therefore easier to digest. Easy to digest ingestion is good if there are limited calories. You are putting in the limited calories quickly and easily into your system without putting a strain on your system to get the stuff processed and used up. While the body is freed from extended digestion time it toilet - essential for the master cleanse for weight losscan use the spare time for detoxification. The large doses of lemon juice help the body to clean out and the liquid helps to transport the waste out of the body and into the toilet.

Second Level

The second level is weight loss due to a calorie deficit. The Master Cleanse for weight loss works is that it is a limited calorie intake system. You will generally be taking in fewer calories than you expend. So naturally, the body will need to dig into the reserves for self -maintenance and to function. This is good as it uses up the reserves and you lose weight.

Third Level

The third level is colon cleansing that occurs. The Master Cleanse for weight loss works since the diet takes some of the daily strain that the digestive system is normally subjected to. Thus the digestive system is able to work less while on the diet.   The body is able to rest and repair instead of trying to process the complicated food we put in the whole time. During this time there will be colon cleansing going on since one of the fundamentals of the diet is to help the system to flush.

 Saltwater Flush

salt water flush as part of the Master Cleanse for Weight LossYou do this by performing the saltwater flush in the morning and by taking herbal laxative capsules or herbal laxative teas in the evening. The salt water flush works because the salt water is repelled by the body since it cannot be absorbed by the body. With the expulsion goes a lot of the toxins and excess solid waste down into the toilet. This is how all the accumulated toxins and wastes are removed from the body.

 Digestive System Vacation

Consider it a vacation for the digestive system but without the vacation excesses of solid food and other complicated ingredients going into your body. It is also a fitness boot camp for the digestive system as it cleans itself out with the saltwater wash and the herbal teas.

Master Cleanse for Weight Loss

There may be strange looking feces in your toilet in the beginning of the Master Cleanse process.  This could possibly be the solid waste has been in your colon for months, or perhaps years. The body also begins burning off stored fats in the body while it is removing waste. All in all, when you consider all the effects of the Master Cleanse together, you will see that you get rapid and continuous weight loss in less than half a month.


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