Master Cleanse Reviews

master cleanse reviews on the detox dietMaster Cleanse reviews are important to help you to make a decision as to whether this approach is for you or not. The creator of the Master Cleanse diet, Stanley Burroughs, like many other alternative health practitioners, believed in the ability of the human body to clean and heal itself.


It cannot be denied that thousands of people have already benefited from the Master Cleanse diet. It is well documented, simply do a Google search and Master Cleanse and you will come up with over a million pages of information. The diet’s creator Burroughs’ certainly held some unconventional beliefs such as no medication as a health condition treatment. It is nevertheless true that many people have benefited from the diet.

 Master Cleanse Reviews – 10Days

In short, the Master Cleanse is ten days of drinking special lemonade only. The process includes a salt water cleanse in the morning and drinking a herbal tea in the evening. The end result is Master Cleanse Reviews - 10Days of lemonaderapid weight loss and clean insides.   You literally have nothing for the ten days except the lemonade, salt water and herbal tea. There is no dairy, no meat, no protein and no solids. You drink at least 12 servings of the Master Cleanse lemonade. Ideally you should stick to the 12 servings but you can have more if you chose to. You drink the lemonade fresh and fresh means you can make the lemonade at home. It is made from fresh lemons, purified water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.


During the Master Cleanse, water weight is lost, toxins and accumulated solid waste is removed, extra body fat stores are expelled and thus weight is lost quite rapidly. Over the ten days the average weight loss is approximately ten pounds but as much as twenty pounds weight loss has been reported.


People are saying that this diet is fairly easy. Some say they felt energetic and light after the Master Cleanse. It is probably more helpful to deal with the negative reviews so that those concerns can be addressed. This is especially important for first timers and may clarify some of the more important issues.

 Master Cleanse Reviews: Hunger Pangs

The main issue is dealing with the hunger pangs. If you are new to fasting, highly restricted diets or to the Master Cleanse the hunger pangs can bite deep. You may be tempted to give in and stop the Master Cleanse. If you decide to see it through, the hunger pangs will eventually dissipate. The hunger pangs are because the Master Cleanse is a pure liquid diet and so the hunger pangs are a normal reaction.


You can deal with them by drinking some lemonade. You would normally drink the lemonade every two hours; kill the hunger pangs by having a drink before the two hours are up. It is better to stick to the diet and quell the hunger pangs than to give up and not get the health benefits from the diet.

Master Cleanse Reviews: Saltwater Cleanse

You may feel that the saltwater cleanse is not working in in the way that you understood it would. The saltwater is a vital component of the Master Cleanse colon clean. Without the saltwater the colon-cleanse cannot happen. If things are not working as anticipated then you may need to change how much salt or how much water to put into the solution. Also the solution needs to be warm and drunk in one go. So between these three factors, one or more needs to change until things work as you expect them to. Normally, you would have a little more than a quart of water (1 liter to be exact). You can decrease the water, or increase the salt. Decreasing the water is the last thing you should try. Rather increase the salt or the temperature first. Decreasing the water decreases the flushing medium for the waste to travel out of the system.

 Too Hard

Master Cleanse Reviews showing the cat trying too hardYup, the Master Cleanse diet is not easy. It is hard and you need to be committed to ten days of marching toward your health goals. Keep working through it, the diet has been tried and tested successfully by thousands of people for more than a half a century.   Your body is just reacting to you finally giving it a holiday! It is simply responding to having no solid foods.  You can break the monotony of the diet by eating a spoonful of peanut butter. In a way you are punishing yourself more by doing this though because you may be inclined to finish the whole jar of peanut butter. If you do not even take one spoon you cannot go any further anyway.

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