What is the Master Cleanse?

What is the Master Cleanse answered with the kitWhat is the Master Cleanse? This should be the first question a person should ask when first encountering the Master Cleanse detox diet. Simply, the Master Cleanse is a 10 day liquid diet that cleanses your digestive system naturally; helps you to lose weight rapidly if you are currently over weight; and gives you a thorough colon cleanse if you do the salt wash in the morning and if you use herbal teas in the evening. It is a highly successful detox diet that has been around for more than 65 years. While this is a ten day cleanse, you also need 3 preparation days before the Master Cleanse and then you need 3 days after the cleanse to phase solid foods back into your diet.
So what is the Master Cleanse? It certainly is not a diet for impatient people. You need to prepare your body and your mind for 3 days before embarking on this. You need to be strong in your resolve during the Master Cleanse 10 day process as the hunger pangs bite and the discomfort from being on an all liquid diet take hold. Finally you need to patiently reintroduce your body and solid foods gradually over a 3 day period at the end of the Master Cleanse.

What is the Master Cleanse? Is it For Everyone?

No, the Master Cleanse is not going to suit every person. You need to be basically healthy to begin with. You also cannot expect miracles. You are the miracle and you can make great things happen. It is a tough diet and for those who are comparatively healthy it does help detoxify your body, it helps with the start of a weight loss journey and it cleans years of solid waste out of your colon. The best feature is that you use ingredients that are readily available and low cost and they are not seasonal so you can do this anytime.

What is the Master Cleanse? What about the Energy Requirements?

2 people running not recommended on the master cleanse dietEnergy is provided from the maple syrup sugar. You will not be getting any solid foods so your normal energy source of solid foods needs to be replaced. This is the maple syrup. However you do need to keep the proportions correct for the diet to detox effectively. The proportions for each serving is for 2 tablespoons maple syrup, 2½ tablespoons lemon juice, 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper and 1 cup of water (250 ml). You drink at least 12 of these a day. You need all of this for your nutrients and for your energy requirements. This is all you are having for 10 days so you should not change any part of it. Every ingredient has a part to play.

What is the Master Cleanse? The Cayenne Pepper Issue

For example, some people try to remove the cayenne pepper from the mix while trying to detox. This is a mistake since the cayenne pepper helps with the removal of bodily waste. You will not be achieving much at all in terms of detoxing if you take the burn out, you will just be drinking lemonade plain and simple. You will be consuming fewer calories so you will experience some weight loss. However, you will not be efficiently detoxifying.
If it is the cayenne pepper that is bothering you an alternative is to substitute the powder for cayenne capsules. This may be a financially costly way of approaching this diet since you will need to add four capsules every time you drink lemonade. Each lemonade serving needs 400 milligrams per serving of lemonade.

What is the Master Cleanse? The Diabetic Issue

The answer for diabetics is quite simple. Get artificial sweeteners with higher amounts of sugar. It will not be as effective but you cannot put your health in jeopardy. You need to be sensible.
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