The Best Probiotics Choices

The Best Probiotics Choices - a picture of a bottle of pillsThe best probiotics choice is about electing to experience the benefits of using probiotics to take advantage of its long-term health benefits.


One of the most natural and one of the safest methods to improve your health is with the use of probiotics. Nothing much else could be easier since all that is required is to for you to eat certain foods that will boost the helpful bacteria that are already inside you. Very few side effects have been identified with the use of probiotics so it is safe. Probiotics, like exercise can be used to help as much as possible to ensure long-term health.


There are a wide variety of supplements on the market that you could take to increase for your probiotic intake. This might be an alternative for lactose intolerant people. However, if you are ok with dairy, you might want to begin balancing your bacterial levels using probiotics by doing it through food. Medical practitioners always prefer you to put less artificial stuff in your body and to rather take the natural route so if you do not need to take capsules or bill then this is better for your digestive system.

The Best Probiotics Choices : Probiotic Food

Below are two recommended food items with naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that you might want to try.

  1. There are always a wide variety of yogurt products available in the supermarkets. It may be difficult to choose. The first rule is to go for the plain, unflavored yogurts. Since most yogurts plain unflavored yogurtshave a lot of artificial flavoring this will reduce the number of choices that you have. From this narrowed down selection your next move is to look for a yogurt that says it is a probiotic yogurt. This will mean that it has live microorganisms. Lactobacilli has been added to most yogurts.
  1. Another suitable product is aged cheese products. There is naturally occurring beneficial bacteria occurring in cheese because it was comes from milk. The process of fermentation is completed in certain cheeses by adding some bacteria and some cultured yeast. However, dripping, soft cheese on a macaroni meal does not count! Heat kills the bacteria and you will simply be heaping on the calories if you eat that type of cheese. You need aged cheeses such as blue cheese and other hard cheese if you want the benefits of the probiotic advantage. You need living, thriving bacteria and not heat-killed bacteria. These milk products are usually sold in very small containers. You need around 2 billion to 4 billion live bacteria if you want to counter health problems such as diarrhea.


  1. Kefir is one of the oldest probiotic mixtures and is created by adding milk to a yeast culture.  It is called a different name is different regions of the world. The sugar in the milk is consumed by the yeast. This then results in milk that is a bit sour.  Afterwards, yeast crystals are then created. The cycle begins again with these crystals. You can actually make your own kefir at home. To do so, all you need is some sugar water or raw milk and a few pouches of kefir culture. Raw milk is your best choice.

miso soup as The Best Probiotics Choices

  1. In Japan, a dinner staple is miso soup is. This soup is well-seasoned with miso which is a yeast-based seasoning. The seasoning is used both in stews and in soups. The miso needs to be cooked at a low temperature since heat will kill helpful bacteria. Miso can be found in many supermarkets and groceries. Try finding packets of pre-mixed miso if you cannot find fresh miso.

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