yogurt with probiotics - a picture of a bowl of yogurt with mintYogurt with Probiotics

Yogurt with probiotics gives you information on yogurt and how it contains probiotics that can improve your health. Yogurt is arguably one the most commonly used food item in the dairy part of food stores. Yogurt is popular for its consistency and taste and so is easy to eat. Yogurt comes from milk and is a naturally grown culture meaning it contains bacteria. These are very helpful bacteria for your digestive process and for your immune system.


The Yogurt culture contains useful bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifido bacteria.  Both of these two groups of bacteria perform key tasks and are naturally present in the digestive system. Their role is to protect the digestive tract and to stimulate the immune system so that everything works more efficiently.  This efficient working will keep you strong and healthy.

Yogurt with Probiotics – Which Yogurt?

A quick and simple way to get started with including probiotics in your wellness regime is to include probiotic yogurt in your diet. Obviously you would only do this if you are not lactose intolerant or dairy allergic. Always first read the label when purchasing any yogurt produce.


You should be looking for yogurt with live bacteria if you want the benefit of probiotic health. Read the label and it will be marked as to whether the yogurt contains probiotic bacteria or not. yogurt needs to be cold treated since heated yogurt will not have live bacteria Heated yogurt will not have live bacteria.  So there should be no indication on the label that the yogurt is probiotic. The yogurt needs to have undergone cold treatments only. The same observation applies to any other health food that you are considering for probiotic assistance. Only if a probiotic food has live bacteria can they be considered truly probiotic.

Yogurt with Probiotics: Benefits of Probiotics

Following are some general facts on probiotics to help you decide if probiotics might help you.

  1. Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms are sometimes reduced with the addition of probiotics.  This is because the bacterial introduction helps support both the immune system and the digestive system.  It does this by rebalancing good and bad bacteria levels.
  1. Recovery time from a bout of diarrhea can be lowered by eating yogurt.  Children are especially responsive to this approach.  But it has been shown that even adults with diarrhea problems can be helped with eating some yogurt.
  1. Conversely, constipation may be eased in in both children and adults with the addition of probiotics.
  1. Common infections are more easily repelled by the inclusion of kefir, yogurt, and most probiotic foods in the diet. These products can stimulate the immune system to the extent that it is significantly strengthened.  In this way, they are more equipped to fight off common infections.Even the elderly may be helped by probiotics - picture of 2 old folk walking
  1. Even the elderly may be helped by probiotics.  This is especially so when they are recovering from common infections.
  1. Ulcers are another good target for healing and prevention with the inclusion of probiotics. You might want to start consuming yogurt more routinely if you have recurring ulcers. The good bacteria in probiotic food can actually help combat the harmful bacteria responsible for ulcers, again through rebalancing.
  1. It is almost common knowledge that probiotics effectively fight off yeast-related issues in the human body. Vaginal yeast infections which commonly occur in women especially are quite responsive to including probiotics in the diet.
  1. A link between blood pressure and dairy products has also been identified. Blood pressure can be lowered to a certain degree by men and women who consume a lot of milk and yogurt.
  1. Yogurt has a low fat content and is high in protein.  So when you eat yogurt the communication system in your body helps tells your system that the body is full.  It has adequate nutrition. The result is that the body does not want a large number of calories for the next meal. So, in this way yogurt can also help people lose weight while at the same time help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Yogurt with Probiotics

  1. Probiotics can help lower Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) severity by helping adjust the immune system’s process. Beneficial bacteria can help to change the levels of the micro-flora already present in a person’s digestive area, too.
  1. The number days of sickness due to common health problems such as colds and flu can be reduced with the use of probiotics.  This is especially true for the ill and the elderly. This is further proof of a positive impact that probiotics have on a person’s immunity mechanisms.
  1. The risk for stomach ulcers can also be possibly be reduced by regularly eating probiotic food items.

That’s it.  Try the correct yogurt with probiotics and this may very well be what you have needed all along!

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